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AuteurURGENT search standin divers/bodydoubles film
Sedert 15/11/2018
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Dear All,

Maybe you heard about our search already from a colleague diver, maybe not, but we are looking for more divers/candidates, that’s why we are spreading this call again.

For an underwater filmshoot in January we are searching with urgency 2 very good standin divers or body doubles.

The project is a Swedish underwater Thriller BREAKING SURFACE and we will shoot the underwater part in Belgium in the whole new underwater studio (LITES) in Vilvoorde between January 9th and 29th. So the availability is required for almost the whole month of January.

The basic requirements for the doubles or standin divers are:
To have minimum 400 dives
Min 165cm tall, better over 1.70m (and quite a slim taille)
Ok and fit physique
Full face mask experience
Max 45y old

Another thing that's harder to qualify in measurable numbers, is that the divers need to have both the SKILL, and TEMPERAMENT to dive like someone had stuck a knife in them. They will portray under water a diver fighting for her life. They have to go against all that is considered "good diving practicies" -- they will have to move really fast and with power, using lots of air. They will have to do rapid descents and free ascents. They will have to lift heavy objects and fight fight fight!!!

We are also opening the search to male divers because no one will ever be able to tell the difference.


Here is some more information about the project, and what would be involved in working as a body double / (stunt) diver, with some of the requirements below.

1) All of the diving will be done in a controlled environment at the LITES waterstage in Vilvoorde (close to the Brussels airport).

2) The water temperature will be 28C

3) You will never dive deeper than 8m

4) The shooting period is Jan9-30 M-F

5) You would typically be required to be in the water for around 4h/day max.

6) The movie set will be english speaking, and key safety personnel will be english, so you verbal english needs to be quite good.

7) All of the diving will be in drysuit so you would need to be a skilled/experienced drysuit diver. There will also be some drysuit free diving involved. (me may opt to hire a specialist free diver for some of the more difficult free diving sequences.)

8) All the diving will be in full face masks from Ocean Reef.

9) While some of the work will involve "just swiming around" and basic skills, most of the diving will be quite difficult.

10) While performing some of the diving, you will have to act against what is typically considered "good diving". You will have to swim and move really fast, use lots of air, move underwater in a way to project fear, panic and duress. You will also need to perform very physical activities under water like lifting heavy rocks etc, and do this while projecting strength, power and absolute determination. You will also need to perform rapid descents head down, as well as free ascents, and you will need to simulate being trapped under a large rock under water. You will at all times be under close supervision from the dive supervisor and safety divers will be present at all times and safety will always be the first concern, but some of the diving will be quite challenging, and go against "good diving" practices.

We don't want to scare you in this regard, but we would be doing you a disservice if I were to downplay the demands that will be put on you.

If you feel the above sounds like a fun and exciting challenge, please get back to us as soon as possible, and we'll talk further.


If you think you could be a proper candidate contact me as soon as possible.
If you think you know someone else please forward this to possible proper candidates or to diving clubs to spread it under their members..

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,

Maarten D’Hollander
Production manager
cell: +32 486 549 260

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