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AuteurBuddy and diving query
Sedert 02/09/2018
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I recently moved to brussels and wish to go diving in the sea (preferably in the west or north). I have PADI open water license. Is there anyone who is interested in being my buddy and go diving?

Sedert 25/07/2005
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Maybe you should give a little more info. Experience, nbr of dives , …
In general its recommended for divers to have at least 100 dives, Rescue diver certification and 'some' experience in strong currents and waves + bad visibility (say 25 dives or so) to go diving in the north sea / channel.
Its also only wreck diving and mostly zone 30-40 meters.

Are you proficient with a SMB ? Capable of leading a dive and finishing it on your own if you loose your buddy (free ascent from 30m in the dark and SMB deployment) ?

If you do not recognize yourself in that please find a diving club and do some sweet water diving , then some Oosterschelde diving and maybe come back for the NS after that.