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AuteurIt was happening exatly 76 years ago.
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It was happening exatly 76 years ago.
During the night beetween the 5th and the 6th of october 1941.
2 German bombers, the Heinkel 111, after an unsuccesfull research of the Queen Mary on the North of the Red Sea, they found a convoy of ships moored in Sha'ab Ali.
The S.S. Thistlegorm was part of this convoy...
The S.S. Thistlegorm was also the biggest ship of the convoy..
and as conseguence, the best target for the German bombers...
They dropped on Her 2 bombs, the first one was a flammable bomb,to make the target more visible,
bu the second one was full of explosive.
The bomb struck the bridge over the hold n. 4, where all the ammunitions and the explosives were stored.
Nine men lost their life in that night...
This video I edited today on the way back to the jetty, wants to be a tribute to this magnificent wreck.

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Sedert 26/03/2006
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A new 3D virtual-reality website dedicated to the Red Sea's iconic Thistlegorm shipwreck goes live today (6 October) - 76 years to the day since she sank.