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AuteurmerlinX, aan de slag !
Sedert 18/06/2004
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Komaan man, bij de zaak blijven hé, een schandaal dat je bijna gemist had :
Libanon stort in de Middellandse Zee !
Sedert 29/10/2005
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en deze dan: Whether the two islands of Tiran and Sanafir remain with Egypt or are returned to Saudi Arabia, the next step is the most worrying one. Tiran and Sanafir islands will become a border crossing point once there is a bridge. Someone will have to be in charge of the maintenance of the bridge and the road that will be crossing both islands. Security will also be needed there, so the islands will be transformed and destroyed environmentally as protected areas. A very sad outcome for those who understand the beauty and importance of these two islands. The bridge will also destroy the 4 coral reefs of the strait of Tiran (Gordon, Jackson, Thomas and Wood House), which are among THE most important dive sites in Sharm El Sheikh. It will also affect the whole coast along both sides of the Gulf of Aqaba, including the coral reefs of the Ras Mohamed National Park. Egypt and Saudi have signed environmental treaties to protect the Red Sea from any environmental damages. So much for these treaties. The tourist resort of Sharm El Sheikh will also become a border crossing point, so one can kiss goodbye to tourism and diving in that whole area. All this in return for trade and traffic with Saudi Arabia. Money VS. Environment and Tourism. A very short sighted move by the government which is looking for a short time gain, and not paying attention to the future generations and the the environment. This will also affect the fishing industry big time and will have implications on the whole of the Red Sea marine life, as Ras Mohamed is the breeding ground for all the fish of the Red Sea during matting seasons. Those who think that money will be coming and pouring into Egypt have no clue of what they are talking about. The negative impacts that will result from a bridge connecting Egypt and Saudi Arabia are a disaster for Egypt from my point of view, environmentally, strategically, socially and economically (tourism and fishing industries). The positive benefits are very small compared to the negative ones. And if we have political or military problems with our neighbours, this bridge may end up in the bottom of the sea, blocking navigation in the Gulf of Aqaba most probably. The Wahhabi ideology will also spread in Egypt much more easily, and the Saudi and Arab tourism will transform the place into another type of tourism which will increase gambling, prostitution and alcohol consumption and harassment of women. Building the bridge is another story which I hope cannot be done from the engineering point of view. Such a long SUSPENDED bridge has not been built anywhere in the world so far (five kilometers long), and it will be crossing over two moving tectonic plates which cause earthquakes every now and then. The Gulf of Aqaba expands 1 cm per year. A very big challenge for building such a suspended bridge. May Mother Nature speak, and teach us humans a lesson. But unfortunately we don't seem to understand or learn. :-(
Sedert 03/02/2012
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Hij is aan het verzwakken.